Love every leap, watch every wow

These days an amazing in-park experience just isn’t enough. Your customers want to relive every leap, flip, somersault and spin too – usually the second their feet hit the ground!

Exclusive, fully-integrated live capture cameras, screens and RFID wristband technology from GorillaVision enables instant replays of all of the action, ensuring every brilliant trick and each epic fail is saved and ready to stream.

gorillavision triggers in your 'wow' zones

gorillavision cameras capture the action

Instant replay on gorillavision screens in-park


Watch the WOWs wherever you are

See instant replays on gorillavision screens in-park

Relive personal stunts reels via online portal

Share using social media plug-ins

How your business can benefit

Revolutionise customer experience

Give your customers reason to come back again and again.

Create new profit streams

Increase revenue with the upselling potential of live capture technology.

Gain invaluable viral exposure

Social sharing function means valuable free promotion.