Flip Out

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Flip Out is an all-ages park packed full of attractions. They boast wall-to-wall trampolines, Ninja Warrior-style obstacle courses, laser mazes, interactive dodge ball courts and so much more. As well as the industry-leading equipment, they amaze their broad customer base with fun sessions for toddlers, fitness fanatics and get the party started during after-dark sessions complete with a DJ, light shows and smoke machines. Onsite cafes and diners give their customers chance to refuel.

Flip Out is one of the fastest growing trampoline park operators in the world – with 75 parks globally, and 25 openings in the UK since 2016. 

Ready to listen

Every Flip Out site requires a sophisticated package of integrated solutions that are scalable to meet their complex operational needs. A bespoke approach to protective measures, performance enhancing systems and tech to inspire their customers was desired at the outset. And with the industry-wide risk of injury claims remaining a pertinent one – Flip Out needed a solution to give them the right level of protection.

Ready to deliver

Flip Out commissioned Control Group to design, supply and install a bespoke solution that could be adaptable to every one of their sites in the UK. We got stuck in together to create a technology installation that wowed on every level:

  • Peace of mind was provided by a robust CCTV system with 12-months storage capability
  • 40-45 cameras provided to each site offering real-time evidential recording
  • Dynamic performance lighting and digital signage offered visual impact
  • Startle music allowed them to create bespoke playlists for their varied clientele via hardwired arena speakers
  • We helped create a safe environment with disabled refuges and toilet alarms
  • We worked with insurers and architects to provide fully compliant fire and intruder systems
  • Smooth operations were achieved with robust connectivity solutions
  • A VoIP system was implemented across the UK, giving Flip Out flexibility for phone numbers, call directing and voice minute packages
  • All supplied to meet and exceed the requirements of the latest NSI and BAFE legislation

Ready to partner

Control Group was awarded the contract to partner with Flip Out to install and maintain all new developments throughout the UK. Our robust, operationally efficient solutions continue to give them a competitive edge over other operators, and our Business Development team ensure we push the boundaries in which they operate. 

Ready to perform

“Mark has been an excellent personality to have around site, keeping spirits high when morale has been low. More importantly, he resolved a multitude of potential problems before they even occurred using his exceptional eye for detail. Given the progress of the fit-out when Control Group began work, we are now in a much better position. I believe this can be directly attributed to Mark’s efforts.”

Matt Nelson, Director, Flip Out Trampoline Arenas – Blackburn