Day in the life – International Account Manager

Vish Patel

International Account Manager

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Vish Patel, Sales

Vish Patel developed his strong skill base by working in the customer service industry before becoming our International Account Manager at Control Group. His experience has enabled him to build a strong client base in a short space of time. Let’s find out what motivates him. 

How long have you been with Control Group?

I am coming up to 4 years of service at Control Group, starting employment as a customer liaison officer for the first 9 months and then progressing to a client account manager.

How many sites do you work with?

My client base is approximately 200 sites across Europe.

What industries do they include?

Most of my clients are in the fitness industry, ranging from low budget through to 24 hours and premium fitness centres. I also work with the hotel and leisure industries.

How do you first engage with clients and do you find it challenging?

I typically start my engagement with clients by phone, which gives me the ability to introduce myself and to be able to answer any initial questions the client may have. I then follow this up with an email, go over any points discussed, and pass on any extra information and literature that’s required. Every client is different and sometimes they have some complex requirements regarding the system they want us to design and install. This can be very challenging but ultimately designing a bespoke solution is what I enjoy the most. To be able to fulfil the client’s requirements and demonstrate that we can deliver on our promises is really satisfying.

How do you build a proposal?

By making sure I take the time to fully understand the client’s requirements. I make a point of studying the site’s layout drawings from the architect and note any specialist equipment going into the site. This then gives me a good base to start off my system design and build a bespoke proposal. 

Do you have to work with different departments to do this?

I often speak to our Support department to be able to understand and discuss any special requirements that the clients have stipulated to be able to design the system specification. I also speak to Operations to update them on the timing of the project. This enables me to manage the customer’s expectations and keep them fully informed on delivery of the project. From the outset, we talk to the client and make sure that they are aware of when they need to place their orders so that we can coordinate with other vendors on the site and deliver the project on time. We often liaise with other trades such as builders, cardio equipment providers, marketing and signage. Therefore, understanding the timings is crucial to deliver the project on time. 

What problems do you frequently encounter? How are they resolved?

As I mentioned in the point above, problems can arise when scheduling and liaising with other suppliers. Good relationships and good communication means that we can keep any unplanned or any unforeseen problems to a minimum.

How does it feel attending a site that you have managed?

I spend a lot of time on the road and I try to visit my clients if I’m passing through their local area as a quick courtesy visit. I also arrange annual account management meetings with all my clients. At these meetings we discuss how the site is running and how well our systems are working. If there are any problems sort these out and if the client wants any upgrades or developments to their system, we’ll discuss those too. It gives me great satisfaction when I hear that the client was happy with the delivery of the system and that it’s working well.

What is your greatest sense of achievement in the job?

My greatest sense of achievement has been building my client base across multiple countries. It’s been excellent to watch our customers’ businesses grow and expand. It has been my privilege to support them in this.