Getting the most out of your security system

Stuart Fannon

Founder and Managing Director

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So, you’ve just installed your new CCTV and security system, you can see every square foot of your site on your new flat screen monitor and it looks modern and great. But – how much does it do? How hard is your system working? Do you utilise aspects of footage to help with your business? This article looks at the additional value that can be gained from a state of the art security system. 

Taking a step away from a system that simply records footage and alarms doors. We are talking about an integrated system with alarms and remote monitoring to protect your site around the clock. Tap in any time through a mobile app to see how many people are on site, or whether your business is functioning as it should be. 

Your system is managed by surveillance engineers from a remote monitoring station, receiving an alert when an alarm is trigged out of hours. The monitoring station can review live footage and address the site over the sound system or call the appropriate emergency services. Fitting your site with an NSI approved system ensures the emergency services will always respond if called if called by the monitoring station. 

Linking CCTV to on site alarms, e.g. fire doors and restricted areas, can be captured and entered in an online event log. Certain footage can be later reviewed for management and training purposes. By identifying what is important for your business, regular footage reviews can identify abnormalities and ultimately save you money. Additional footage logs can be stored for training purposes, outlining on site hazards to new staff in their training period. This provides a valuable understanding for employees and allows your business to run smoothly.

So, you’re thinking “Wow! My security system doesn’t do that” – but there is more!

The latest cameras can generate heat maps for your site so you can see traffic movement and understand where your customers go to the most. Underused areas of your floor can be clearly identified so you can make upgrades or changes depending on the nature of your company. Heat maps can also be used alongside people counting technology to identify your busiest periods, allowing you to adapt your staffing levels to meet customer demand.

So now your system is providing you with the power to make use of all the space you have available, work out a more detailed customer profile at specific times of the day and allow you to enhance the customer experience. In summary, a fully integrated, hardworking system adds some serious value to your business.

A safe and secure business is valuable to customers, suppliers, employees and anybody connected to your business. So surely it should be a top priority?

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