Into our 10th year and our plans for the future

Stuart Fannon

Founder and Managing Director

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Control Group has made some major changes in terms of our brand recently. Find out why below. 

Our Brand

With the growth of the business continuing at a rapid rate, we began to feel the brand no longer reflected the products and services that we offered. Something needed to change. The introduction of TP1 in 2017, designed specifically for the trampoline market was a great success. TP1 brought with it a new style and tone of voice, and its success made us stop and refocus on our main brand.

We tailor technology around the specific needs of each individual client. We care about every tiny detail. Control Group is a one-stop-shop for security, IT, telecommunications, AV and fire protection. 

We’ve launched a new brand to reflect this and a new, customer-focused website so our clients can directly access the information they need. 

We love it and we hope you do too. Let us know!

Our Culture 

The number of employees has rocketed over the last twelve months, so communication has become even more important. With a strong, positive culture, teamwork comes naturally, and as a business we work more efficiently. We are working hard to ensure our culture continues to develop into something for everyone as we continue to grow. 

To make this happen, we’ve introduced a nominated charity, to positively contribute to our community, and designed fundraising events which have had the added bonus of boosting team morale. It’s been great to see so many of our team throwing themselves into supporting our charity of the year - Jump Space. Our main event is the national Three Peaks Challenge, taking place in June. We also have several fundraising events in the calendar including a quiz night for local businesses and a bike-a-thon. 

As the business grows, we want our employees to grow with us. Many of the team have already completed training courses in various areas relevant to their role. Everyone here is encouraged to excel and push for career development. 

Want to be part of the team? Get in touch with our HR team to find out more at